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Bible Verse of The Day – Let God Be God – 10-22-17


Sometimes we struggle with letting God Be God, especially when we ask Him to do something for us. 

We just published a new video on this topic and we think you'll enjoy it. 

Please click here to watch the video now. 

Many times, when we ask God for something, we tend to want to "help" Him because we hope it might move things along a bit faster. And we all know that this never really helps! 

Please click here to watch the video now. 

In this new video we shed some light on why this happens and also give some Biblical examples to clarify things a bit. 

Please click here to watch the video now. 

Enjoy your day and be sure to love God with all your heart! 

Pastor Curt & Pastor Ellie 

Seven Seas Ministries
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